I first developed the program, ‘De-stress & Revitalize Your Soul’ for working women in my company over a decade ago and have since then trained hundreds of women on various Management topics. The programs was founded on the belief that women find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities in hand, much more than men do and are hence much more vulnerable to stress. It’s not only about multi- tasking; in any given day women are required to run a multi-track mind as well, switching rapidly between tasks that are varied and quite different from each other. And whether you are working or not and are a mom or not, as a woman you are still always burdened with expectations of what you’ ought to’ and ‘ought not to, do. Managing work and home is still a responsibility, traditionally passed on to you and there is usually an unsaid, silent expectation for you to flex your schedule and realign commitments and manage everything!

And we do !

After all, we women- are hardworking, efficient and organized multi-taskers with an invisible cape, but sometimes it so happens that while playing the role of  this super heroic daughter, wife or mom we often fall victim to  anxiety,  indecisiveness, depression frustration,  and fatigue. Don’t worry if you do. It is but natural to occasionally feel that way. However, if negative stress/ distress is a trap you find yourself falling into much more than occasionally then here we are!

We help and guide you to overcome both personal and professional challenges. Whether you are looking to achieving work-life balance or career or job change is on your agenda. Whether its professional or personal relationships, sucking out the life out of you are simply desirous of Increasing self-confidence-Our life coaching process can address almost any area in your life, as long you are  able to commit to taking action to achieve positive change. .

  • You could be a student who is experiencing an existing gap in knowledge, skills, or resources or simply facing lack of clarity regarding choices
  • You could be a working professional who has something urgent, compelling or exciting is at stake or what’s more- you are just desirous of accelerating results.
  • You could even be a stay at home wife or mommy who is finding it problematic to deal with daily stressors. Life is out of balance, creating unwanted consequences and family responsibilities and relationships are draining you. Perhaps you looking to resume work or better still willing to start something of your own and merely need a push to get you going.
  • You could ne none of the above ; just a woman seeking help, guidance and motivation to improve your life and get rid of limiting beliefs.

If the answer to any if these is yes, then get in touch and we will help you discover answers to the above simply because we honor you as the expert in your life and work and believe that you are  creative as well as resourceful!

Standing on this foundation, our responsibility would be to:

• Discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve

• Encourage you towards self-discovery & help you elicit self-generated solutions and strategies

• Hold you responsible and accountable by creating specific result oriented  action plans.

We are very excited to bring about positive changes in your life! But the question is, are you prepared to Revitalize & Rise?